I am another dreamer, just like you. Beyond Fashion is a place to share my love for the art of living with beauty, style and inspiration. I love being creative! Fashion invites me to be express that love by playing with shapes, colors and textures in order to develop my personal style. I love to have fun, laugh, and be silly. I am an open book… I’m a free spirit with an adventurous heart! I love new places, big or small, near or far and everywhere in between!

I always have been drawn to the ongoing, fast growing, constantly changing, multidimensional world of fashion. I went to The Fashion Institute of Technology to learn and develop new skills. There I earned an AAS degree in patternmaking. After my time at FIT, I wanted to fill the gap between having practical skills and knowing how to use those skills from a business perspective. I filled that gap by studying Production Management with a minor in Economics.

“The most beautiful accessory to have is self-confidence and inner beauty.” -YL

“I love the quest, the adventure and the finding.” -YL

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